“Knowing Me, Knowing You”
A Collaborative Project Between
Sheree Hovsepian and Heidi Norton

“The individual who is the service of the spectacle is placed in the
spotlight is in fact the opposite of an individual.”
-Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle

In recent times, the postmodern mantra “the personal is political” has
become part of a wider public discourse. The cult of the individual is
visible from tabloids, to talk shows, to reality TV. In this arena,
questions of personal identity and individual difference have assumed
major significance. It is our intention that the collaborative project
“Knowing Me, Knowing You” summons this discourse.

Our friendship becomes the framework for the collaboration. We
photograph people, places and things that represent our wishes, fears,
memories, daily inspirations, passing fads and fixations, etc. that
seem to be one-step removed from our actual identity. The diptych
configuration forces the viewer to establish a relationship between
the two images and the two people who the images represent.

When viewed, the work becomes a source for a more politicized
discussion that stems from social constructions within our culture.
Issues of race, class, sexuality, age, and privilege are examined in
this framework and ultimately lead the viewer to form opinions, and
potentially judgment.